Thursday Shmursday

I have discovered that Thursday morning is the morning that my body says to my ambition, “Go to hell!”

Most mornings I set my alarm for 3:15 and get up around 3:30. I write for 90 minutes or so, and then I start trying to rouse my sons and make my way to my job that pays.

The glowing screen calleth…But for the past couple of Thursdays, I been unable to rouse myself. I struggle to get out of bed. This is probably an okay thing. Lately my sleep cycle has resembled that of a 70 year old retiree living in Florida. I am only 38 and much too young to start getting groggy before my children.

But I am doing my best to try to write at least a little bit every day. So when I do not have time to write anything constructive in my manuscript, I figure I should write something in my blog. Thus this post is not about anything in particular. Its only purpose is to be itself. How very zen.