Public Theology in the Post-Secular?

Martin Marty in full regalia.
Martin Marty in full regalia.

I recently read/pillaged an article by Linell Cady which calls for a re-evaluation of the role and methods of public theology in light of our post-secular context (

The term “public theology” appears to have been coined by Martin Marty. It was a liberal Christian response to a growing religio-political fundamentalism. Of course, religio-political fundamentalism (i.e. the religious right) was itself responding to secularization. So, in a way, public theology attempted to be a better, more “right” kind of response. Think of it as the “B” side of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority, but with a smaller PR budget. Continue reading Public Theology in the Post-Secular?

Serpents and Stones

This post is going to be a bit more “devotional” (I guess) than what I normally write. I am not a priest, so I tend to avoid spiritual reflections, lest somebody think I know what I am talking about. (God help us!) But today is the Forefeast of Theophany. I was reading the Gospel for this morning (Luke 3:1-18) when I was particularly struck by the juxtapositional way Luke described the fiery preaching of John the Forerunner (aka John the Baptist). I have put some key phrases in bold to make the juxtaposition stand out.  Continue reading Serpents and Stones