A 14 Mile Ride To and From a Bus

Me on the return trip.

I am drafting this blog post from my iPad, on a bus, which has me thinking about my transmission and public transportation. I like taking the bus. I did not like how I got to the bus this morning, namely a seven mile bike ride, mostly uphill, that was a lot harder than I remember bike-riding being from back when I rode my bike more (I was 15).

I have lamented the terrible public transit in Nashville on more than one occasion. It’s like the city is trying really hard to catch up to Atlanta, which if you have ever driven through Atlanta, you know, feels like driving throw the hollow parts of a row of cinder blocks that stretch on for as far as the mile can see. But on days when my legs are reminding me that I am 38, and I am gathering my chi for the return stretch this afternoon, I get especially irritated with how terrible public transit is.

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Ich Werde Deutschland!

StralsundIf you have ever heard me talk about my mom, then you know how badass I think she is. Mom is basically deaf. She grew up in a small town that thought “deaf” meant “stupid.” Nobody expected her to do much. She did not expect much from herself either. She married an abusive alcoholic, eventually left him, went on to put herself through school, raise me and my sister, publish a slue of short stories, and recently retired with distinction from civilian military service. She is also a world-class saber fencer. She made the veteran World Team again and this year will be going to compete in Germany.

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I Miss My Inner Luddite…a Little

There is a little Luddite living inside of me. This is ironic given that I am basically an academic technologist. But there was a time when I eschewed gadgets. I thought Kindle was going to ruin literature. I used a pen to take notes. I even carried a little hardback journal around with me for random musings. It was almost like I was being a little bit hipster before being hipster was cool.
Today, I am typing the draft of this blog on my iPad in Evernote, which will sync to the cloud, so that I can access it anywhere and on any device.

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Do or Die by December 15

December 15 is my deadline for my book manuscript to be submitted to Wipf and Stock. This is a deadline I have set for myself. My publisher tells me they have a lot of flexibility. But I cannot handle the flexibility. I will keep pushing the deadline back. So it is time to declare my deadline to the world and let the fear of publish shame motivate me to finish this thing.  Continue reading “Do or Die by December 15”

Funding My Theology Habit

It is never a good idea to announce online where you work. People get fired for saying stupid things about their places of employment. So I will not tell you the name of the university. But if you were to guess, “Vanderbilt,” you would be right.

I am staff, not faculty. I do not teach at Vanderbilt the university. I am an educational consultant for a department that offers services to support academically gifted students. What that means is that I help put the classes together. There is a large technology component to my job too, which happened somewhat by accident. Continue reading “Funding My Theology Habit”