IMGP1145“Tell me about yourself.” This is a common question I always struggle to answer. People are not one story. They are many stories, stories that are constantly changing. But one of those stories goes like this.

I grew up in a “techy” family, the kind of household where there are more computers than people. But I greatly befuddled my parents by having this interest in the academic study of religion (before I knew there was such a thing). So I got a religious studies degree from a small liberal arts college and eventually a PhD from Vanderbilt. Along the way, I discovered I loved to teach. I have a knack for it. So I also got a Masters in Ed. from Butler University.

I spent my grad school career studying and teaching, after which I moved into an administrative position at Vanderbilt’s Programs for Talented Youth. Now I help run a small private school in Nashville, Tennessee.

My life is like that: eclectic. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, a rather conservative church, but my doctorate is from one of the more liberal programs in the country. I do research, but I come alive in the classroom. I have taught everything from religion and consumerism to gifted adolescents to philosophy to fashion majors at a design school.

My writings on this site deal mostly, but not exclusively, in theology. I want to bring the wisdom of the past into critical conversation with the present. (I irritate both liberal and conservative alike.) Over the years, I have served as a Huffington Post contributor, political affairs correspondent for Things Not Seen, and as an “expert” panelist for various media.

I live near Nashville with my high school sweetheart, our three children, and a schizophrenic cat named Gallifrey.

You can follow me on Twitter at @DrDavidJDunn.