The Soft Reboot

Some of you will get this reference!



“Don’t be stupid…Just regenerate!”

While migrating my entire website to WordPress, I inadvertently deleted all my previous blog posts.


I did managed to recover some of them (see my archives), but most of my previous posts are lost forever!

But this is okay! I rather like the idea of my blog being able to reinvent itself a bit. Expect more frequent posts and a few more reviews than I have found time to publish. I will also be posting samples of my draft chapters while I am writing them (nearing the end of writing my book proposal).

There is a good chance that a post in the near future will be on the gay marriage issue, again. For the record, I am not eager to wade back into this issue. It’s not really where I do most of my “work.” That, and the Internet attracts all sorts of reactionary people – well – reacting! (Check out some of these comments.) But I will be interviewed on this subject in  just over a month on this subject, so I have been thinking toward it again.


One thought on “The Soft Reboot”

  1. I lost 1 TeraByte worth of data when my $500 HDD went kaput. Other people lose their souls. So cheer the f*** up! ;-)


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