Germany Day 3.1

This is a quick update. I am counting this as day 3, even though it is technically my fourth day here. It is 2am, and for the first time, I seem to be experiencing “jet lag,” though it’s hard to tell. I am often up at 2am.

Today I will be going around Stralsund by myself. I am more conspicuous as a tourist here. This is a smaller city. Tourism here seems to be more local. That is, people visit Stralsund from other parts of Germany. It is not exactly an international destination.

Authentic German cuisine

The Team USA dinner is tonight. The meal is supposed to be more “authentic” German food, but “authentic” here is Turkish, Italian, Asian, etc. Welcome to globalization. What sort of thing would be “authentic” American food? Hot dogs? Maybe French fries? If that is a staple of your diet, I pity you.

I am starting to get sleepy again, so I am going to see if I cannot make my body go back to bed for a few more hours. I have a long day ahead of me “tomorrow.”


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