Transmission and Interviews

I only have a few moments to type this update because I am a bit sleep deprived. The past two weeks have been kind of nuts. First, the transmission that started acting up in June finally gave out. So we have been trying to figure out transportation. I am currently taking the bus while the car sits in the shop’s queue. I hope to have it back by Wednesday. This means I had my first Uber experience, and Stephanie has been having the time of her life being the sole driver. The upside to all of this has been that I have been getting good writing. Once my car is fixed, I think I will start taking the commuter bus once or twice a week. It is an extra couple hours for me to write. I do good writing on a bus.

Then I have been interviewing potential instructors for Vanderbilt Summer Academy. So far, the candidates have been great. The challenge is finding the right balance of courses. Thirty three spots. There are scheduling conflicts, personality conflicts, and a balance of courses to try to work out. It is all one big logic problem.

That’s it for now. The kids are being destructive, and I have a bus to catch.


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