Not Cool, Verizon

Preparing for my trip to Germany, I got on Verizon’s webpage and used their trip planner to try to determine which international options would be most cost-effective for me. As I kept trying to fine tune my estimates, I noticed that it kept suggesting the same plan. So then I tried something:

What happens if I kick all the settings to their maximum?


I get this…


It suggests the $10 a day plan. What a bargain! But then what happens if I land somewhere in the middle?


I get this…


Okay…? The $10 plan again. So what if I just say I am not going to use anything?


I get this…


The $10 plan. Even if I say I am not going to use my phone at all, I still get pitched the $10 plan.

This reminds me of when I waited tables at Pizza Hut in high school. People would bring in “coupons” for something like an $8 extra-large, one-topping pizza. Except we always charged $8 for an extra-large, one-topping pizza. The “coupon” was not really a coupon at all. People were not getting a deal. They just thought they were. Advertising is deceptive. So remember, kids, if you hear, “This is the best plan to fit your needs,” you can bet they say that to all the girls.


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