Germany Day 1.0

I am sitting in my inlaws’ living room, waiting for my old iPad to restart, typing a blog post on my phone. I leave for Germany soon. My mom is picking me up in a couple of hours. We are going to drive with her coach to Chicago, and from there fly to Germany with a stop over in Ireland. We are going to stay a couple days in Berlin and then head up to Stralsund for the competition.

I am not sure of the competition schedule after that. I tend not to plan my itinerary when I travel. My mom has Berlin all planned out. I will be watching my mom compete, and apart from that I have no idea what I am doing. The adventure for me is in not having a plan, but when I arrive, looking for something non-touristy to do. Like last time I was in New York, I walked, looking for a diner, and wound up at the one that inspired Seinfeld and the song, “Tom’s Diner.” I enjoyed eavesdropping on the conversation between the guys behind the counter and a regular they called, “Professor.” I think he was from Columbia, doing something with political science, but the guys behind the counter seemed to think he was a meteorologist because they asked him if they were supposed to get a lot of snow this winter. It was charming.

So that is some of what I expect will happen, but I am really not sure. I have no plan. I do have my passport and will be updating my blog as I travel. Stay tuned.


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